Poemblog – Minority Report Revisited

The following short poemblog is “Minority Report Revisited”, a short witty poetry-type thing with music. It is about a great new software to give you the edge in proving the legality of illegal actions to corrupt officials! Player below (direct link).

Here’s the text so you can read along!

Minority Report Revisited
By Alicia Goranson

In land of Mother Russia
Where each second is recorded
On cameras in every car
that catch the details sordid
We’re pleased to offer beta tests
for our new application
Available on iOS
And every other station
It monitors your video
And prepares it for Court
We’re pleased to give our software’s name
“Minority Report.”
It’s 3d engine and AI
have got the smarts we gave it.
It tweaks your camera’s video
Before it tries to save it.
A fruit cart here, a small box there
Changes enough in time.
Your car’s recorded video
Absolves you of all crime.
We want to give a little help
For those who need the clout
It’s purpose in the courts
Is to spread questioning and doubt.
To qualify for our beta
funds must be of no object
And then you’re free to go off
And find some naive suspect
And run them down or shoot them
And in court you’ll have a ball
Saying, “Oh no, judge and jury
It was not like that at all.”
They’ll show what’s on the cameras
From the street and suspect too
And then they’ll show yours, which doesn’t
Match, what else is there to do?
Plus we will discreetly transfer
Funds through backdoors, bonds, and wavers
To the case’s judges to ensure
They’ll find it in your favor.
We humbly serve the con-artists
and those who master lies.
Soon, none will trust recordings.
They’ll be left with just their eyes.

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